Fr. Steve’s Column 9-17-23

We’ve got a lot of great ministries going on at the parish, and one that I’d like to highlight this week is That Man Is You!, our men’s group.  Since they’re starting up a new unit of it this month, we’re inviting all the men of our parish to consider being a part of it.  … [Read more…]

Fr. Steve’s Column 8-27-23

Hopefully you saw in last week’s bulletin that we will have another Holy Cross priest assisting us over the next year.  Fr. Bob Epping is no stranger to Christ the King; he was the Pastor here from 1985 to 1994, so many of you who have been with the parish for a while will remember … [Read more…]

Fr. Steve’s Column 8-20-23

School is back in session!  The beginning of a new school year is always an exciting time, but I think there’s even a little extra excitement in the air this year.  Of course we have the new vestibule expansion that will be ongoing throughout the school year.  We are also very excited for our new … [Read more…]

Fr. Steve’s Column 8-13-23

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT CONSTRUCTION! Of course, I’d like to think that every bulletin column is important, but I especially want to make sure you read this one, since it contains important information about our vestibule construction project and how it will affect you when you come to the church. 1. Important dates:  a. Monday August … [Read more…]

Column from Fr. Cameron

Dear parishioners of Christ the King Parish, My name is Fr. Cameron Cortens, C.S.C., and I am very excited to be joining you as your new associate pastor! I’d like to take this opportunity to briefly introduce myself and my story to you all.  I am a first-generation immigrant in this country—born in Syracuse, New … [Read more…]

Fr. Steve’s Column 7-30-2023

Since last month marked the one-year anniversary of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe v. Wade, I thought it would be fruitful to share the statement that the U.S. Bishops issued to mark the occasion.  Let us continue to pray for an increased respect for the dignity of … [Read more…]

Fr. Steve’s Column 7-23-2023

Construction is well underway!  Phase I of the project began on July 5th, as our contractor, Majority Builders, began tearing up the entrance onto 933.  Many of you were surprised to see that, but the first step in the project will be to move the entrance further north in our parking lot, which the new … [Read more…]

Fr. Steve’s Column 7-9-23 What you see above is our new domain name, which we’ll use from now on for things like our website (, email addresses, and social media!  Ever since I arrived here the first time in 2007, I’ve hoped that one day I’d be able to change it, as “” is really long, easy to … [Read more…]

Fr. Steve’s Column 6-25

As you hopefully saw in last week’s bulletin column, our vestibule expansion project is moving forward, full steam ahead!  I didn’t give you many updates during the month of May because there were lots of behind-the-scenes details that we had to work out in order to determine a path forward.  I’ve been saying all along … [Read more…]

Fr. Steve’s Column 6-18-23

I know I haven’t updated you on the vestibule expansion project in the last several weeks.  Lots has been going on over the last month, but we needed to get some details worked out before I could give you a reliable update.  (This is primarily because our general contractor bids came back much higher than … [Read more…]