Fr. Steve’s Column 1-7-24

Many of you may remember our last Parish Survey, which we did back in 2017.  Your feedback in that survey was the basis of our Strategic Planning Process, which resulted in the Strategic Plan that our Pastoral Council put together for 2019-2024.  (Among other things, your feedback in the 2017 survey led to the vestibule expansion project that’s currently underway — that wasn’t even on my radar until I saw your comments in the survey!)

A lot has happened since that survey and strategic plan — not the least of which was the COVID pandemic — so this month we’re going to administer another survey, and we’d like as many parishioners to participate as possible.  The survey will cover the 5 basic areas we include in our planning process:

1. Worship & Liturgy:  how we praise God in the liturgy, especially Sunday Mass, including preaching, liturgical music, Art & Environment, etc.

2. Faith Formation:  how we offer opportunities and resources that help parishioners grow to a deeper knowledge of and relationship with Christ

3. Outreach & Evangelization:  how we extend the love of Christ to those in need in our area, and how we share the Gospel that strengthens the faith of our parishioners and community

4. Community & Hospitality:  how we build a sense of Christian community in our parish, and how effectively we invite and welcome new members into that community.

5.    Resource Stewardship:  how  you are served by the clergy and Pastoral Team, and how effectively we steward our financial resources, facilities and grounds.

Our survey window will be January 11th through the 29th, which will hopefully offer plenty of time for our parishioners to participate.  The survey will be anonymous, will only take about 15 minutes to complete and will be available through several different channels:

· QR codes directing you to an electronic copy of the survey will be available:

· In the bulletin throughout the survey window

· In the Saturday parish email

· On our social media postings

· On the parish website

· For those who prefer hard copies, these will be available

· At the temporary welcome desk by the elevator

· From the receptionist in the rectory during business hours

Hopefully we already do a lot of these things well, but we can always do better, and we can never become complacent.  Our faith — as well as the faith of our children and the evangelization of our world — is too important, and so this survey is an important tool that will enable us to grow in our mission to make God known, loved and served.

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