Fr. Steve’s Column 10-30-22

Over the past year I’ve written a few columns letting you know that we were in the planning stages of an expansion of our vestibule.  (It began during our capital campaign with an intent to spruce up the exterior of the church, but our committee of parishioners quickly determined that this was a golden opportunity to build an addition to the vestibule that would give us the type of gathering space we’ve never had for community-building events.)


I’m happy to say that we are finally ready to start sharing these plans with the parish!  Here are some highlights of what this addition will offer:


  • 5500 square feet of additional space
  • A beautiful new exterior facing 933
  • A spacious gathering space for community events, especially after Mass
  • An additional meeting room that will accommodate 45 people
  • The Food Pantry, Pack-a-Lunch Program and Casserole Program will all move upstairs for easier accessibility
  • Large-screen monitors to share parish news and upcoming events
  • An outdoor prayer garden located at the current breezeway
  • The existing vestibule will serve as a transitional space between the gathering space and the church
  • Groundbreaking in June 2023, with the hope of completion in May 2024


I am so excited about the possibilities that this new space offers us for community-building, ministry promotion, hospitality and evangelization.  I’m also excited that it will enable us to improve the security of our campus and our ability to publicize the many good things going on at our parish, not to mention that the new façade will be beautiful, not only making our campus more welcoming and inviting, but also beautifying our entire neighborhood.


Mindful of the fact that we just had a capital campaign in 2018, we have relied on the generosity of advance donors in order to make this project possible.  I’m happy to say that we have already raised more than $1.8 million specifically for this project, which leaves us a fundraising goal of $500,000 in order to fund the project.  We will do a parish-wide fundraiser for this project in April 2023, and at that time we’ll invite parishioners to make a one-time donation to support this project:


  • $5000 donations will be recognized with a large engraved brick in the exterior of the new addition
  • $1000 donations will be recognized with a small brick
  • All other donations will gratefully be recognized in the program for the dedication of the new addition


We know that many parishioners prefer to make their charitable donations before the end of the year, so I am happy to invite all of you to a Sneak-Peek event that will take place at from 7:00pm to 7:30pm in the church on Wednesday November 16th!  Refreshments will be served in the vestibule beginning at 6:45pm, and then the program will begin in the church at 7pm.  People who wish to make their contribution early will be given the opportunity to do so, but everyone is welcome to come and see the plans and discern how they might support this project.


I am very excited to finally share these plans with you (and am incredibly grateful to the committee of parishioners who have worked so hard over the past 2½ years to get us to this point), so I hope to see you on the 16th!

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