Fr. Steve’s Column 11-19-23

Hopefully you’ve all been keeping up with everything our parish is doing to dive into the Eucharistic Revival this year:  the Eucharistic Revival Prayer at Masses, the extra Adoration time every Saturday, the Jesus in the Eucharist small groups, etc.  But there are also a lot of great things going on in the school to engage our children in the Eucharistic Revival, and I think it’s important that all of us are aware.  Here’s a message from 5th grade teacher Corinne Gries, who chairs our school’s Eucharistic Revival Committee, to highlight some of this activity:

Dear Fellow Parishioners,

Christ the King School joins you, and parishes across our nation, in this year of Eucharistic Revival. As a school community our mission is to lift up the real presence of the Eucharist and invoke personal encounters with Jesus, alive in the Eucharist. We have five pillars in place that are supported by leaders throughout our school staff as we work together to fulfill this mission:  

Prayer and Devotion

Each morning we begin by listening to a Eucharistic miracle, and the school day concludes with the parish Eucharistic Revival prayer. We will also continue to participate in praise and worship adoration services as a school community


Through art, students will continue to examine the beauty of the Eucharist. Visual images of the Eucharistic Revival are spread throughout the halls of the school. Our first image includes monstrances created by the handprints of each student to represent our unity in the Body of Christ. 


In music class, students will continue to reflect on and practice songs connected to the Eucharist in preparation for our all school and Sunday liturgies. The work of this is already demonstrated with reinvigorated singing during Mass and while receiving communion. 

Curriculum Connections

This revival is an opportunity to strengthen our catechesis to the minds and hearts of our students. We are beginning the year by deepening our understanding of the meaning behind the gestures of genuflecting and receiving the Eucharist. As the year progresses, our goal will be to create a deeper understanding of the Liturgy of the Eucharist by examining the moment of epiclesis along with the meaning of transubstantiation. Our hope is to culminate the year in thanksgiving for the gift of the Eucharist by offering our work for the glory and honor of God. 

Missionary Sending

The mission of this revival is to share and spread a deeper love of the Eucharistic with family and friends. As a community we will continue to look for new opportunities to engage our families in adoration and to encounter the Eucharist together. 

Yours in Christ,

Corinne Gries 

Chair of the School Eucharistic Revival Committee 

Many thanks to all of our faculty and staff who have put so much work into planning this Parish Year of the Eucharistic Revival.  I am so edified that their efforts will help all of our students grow in their understanding and love of Jesus in the Eucharist.

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