Fr. Steve’s Column 6-30-24

Summer is a time when we typically have a lot of construction going on, as we tackle a lot of maintenance and upgrades while school is on break.  Of course, we’ve had a massive construction project going on for the entire year, but it still seems like a good time for an update so that you know what’s going on.

· Construction continues to move along.  During the month of June, you’ve seen them frame and install the windows.They’ve also started drywalling, now that they’ve finished the installation and upper ductwork.  Right now our occupancy date is still September 10th, but I’ll let you know when we feel like that date is firm.

· They’ve also been tackling the old vestibule (which I’ve been informed will now be called an atrium, as it will be a transition space between the social/gathering space of the vestibule and the worship space in our church).  They’ve pulled up all of the tile and upgraded our lighting, as well as removing the (crumbling) wall tiles from the stairwells and redoing the ceilings.  The last stage of this will be new floor tile.

· We’ve also been moving full-steam ahead on the new church roof.  (As we told you during the fundraising portion of this project, we were hoping to raise enough to redo the church roof, which only had a couple of years left.  Thanks to our successful fundraising, we were able to move forward.)  Instead of the shingles we used with the last reroofing (which didn’t last nearly as long as we’d hoped), we went with a synthetic slate, which should match beautifully with our new addition, while lasting significantly longer than our previous roof.

· Last fall we took out our outdoor Stations of the Cross, since the wood was in bad shape and the bushes had become a home to multiple wasps’ nests!  We are ready to install our new Stations this summer. Many thanks to parishioner Danny Miller, who built the new crosses for us, as well as Jennifer Snyder and Leslie Burns, who painstakingly cleaned the placards for each station.  I am excited to have these Stations back!

· You’ve probably also seen some activity out by our dumpsters behind the school.  We are expanding that area to accommodate larger dumpsters, since our new waste management contract will finally allow us to resume single-stream recycling.  We’ll also be redoing a portion of the pavement in that area so that the pavement by the basketball hoops is safer.  

· We’ll fix the awning over the main entrance to the school, which is in bad shape.

· Finally, we’ll replace one of our boilers this summer (which serves the church and part of the school).  

Many thanks to our Business Manager, Jennifer Snyder; our Facilities Manager, Leslie Burns; and Jamie Demitruk from Cressy Property Management, who have put us on a disciplined capital plan to help us stay on top of things and keep our facilities and grounds in good shape.  And thanks to all of you whose contributions enable us to be proactive as we try and make the best possible use of our physical resources.  We are very serious about being good stewards, never losing sight of the fact that all of these resources are ultimately in service of our larger mission:  to make Christ known, loved and served in our community.

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