Fr. Steve’s Column 8-13-23


Of course, I’d like to think that every bulletin column is important, but I especially want to make sure you read this one, since it contains important information about our vestibule construction project and how it will affect you when you come to the church.

1. Important dates: 

a. Monday August 14, 2023:  The drive in front of the church will close until the project is complete in July 2024.

b. August 15th or 16th, 2023:  The exterior doors in the vestibule will be closed until project completion.

c. September 2023:  Parts of the basement-level vestibule will be blocked off.

d. December 26, 2023:  Much of the existing vestibule will be blocked off until March 22, 2024.

2. Accessing the church: 

a. In the North Parking Lot (between the rectory and Midland Engineering): 

i. There will be limited parking in this area, since much of this parking lot will be fenced off as a construction staging area.

ii. The North Entrance to the church (by the Holy Cross Chapel) will be unlocked during Masses only.  At all other times it will remain locked.

iii. The North Entrance to the church is NOT handicap-accessible. 

b. In the South Parking Lot (in front of the school): 

i. This is where most of you will need to park, and you will enter the church at Door #16 (the door near the elevator).

ii. Temporary handicap parking spaces will be clearly marked close to Door #16.

iii. When you enter, you will either take the stairs into the church or use the elevator.

3. What you’ll see in the church: 

i. Until Christmas, we don’t expect the construction to touch the existing vestibule, but I’ll let you know if that changes.

ii. During the window where active work will take place in the existing vestibule, parts of it will be shut down.  We will place a priority on maintaining access to the confessionals, Bride’s Room, bathrooms and choir loft so that these rooms are almost always accessible, and I’ll notify you in advance when they will not be accessible.

iii. The stairwells to the vestibule basement will be out of service throughout that time.

Obviously, we expect some of these details to change as the project progresses, so I will inform you as soon as I know of any updates.  Thanks in advance for your patience during this project.  While it will cause some inconveniences for the next year, it will be well worth it when we are blessed with a beautiful new vestibule!

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