SVdP Conference Column 10-22-23

I’m very excited to announce that we’ve hit the one-year anniversary of Christ the King’s St. Vincent de Paul Conference!  This ministry has been a tremendous blessing to our parish and to the local community.  Not only have we served an astonishing number of neighbors with food, bill payment assistance, and other direct support, but we’ve also built relationships with our neighbors and learned so much more about the tremendous need that exists right here in our own local community.  I’m so grateful for this ministry and have asked Co-Presidents Mike and Heather Coyne to share their thoughts with you as we celebrate this milestone:

Happy Birthday! Our St. Vincent de Paul Conference is turning one! Since launching in October 2022, our team of Vincentians has delivered more than 20,000 pounds of food. As staggering as that is, it is only the beginning of the care our Vincentians offer neighbors in need.

•      We have helped six families avoid eviction by assisting with rent.

•      We have turned electricity back on for two families and kept the lights on for four more—and helped them  develop a plan to stay current on bills going forward.                    

•      We helped a senior on a fixed income avoid water disconnect.

•      We have helped four families relocate into stable housing.

•      We have provided beds and furniture to people living in empty homes.

•      We have rebuilt front steps and a railing so an elderly client could safely enter and exit their home.

•      Our Vincentians organized a four-session Reimagine Life course designed for women to help them navigate a path to a better future for their families.

•      We are resurrecting the Thanksgiving Basket program to provide holiday meals for those who go without.

But the most important thing we are providing is compassion and connection. One of our Vincentians received the following message after a recent visit:

I also enjoy your visits, too. You really make me feel like a part of a family I no longer have. …. I know I’m a little long-winded and I can carry on and on and I could tell you a lifetime of stories and I know that you would pay attention and actually listen and give a <care> enough to really hear what I’m saying and that’s something I really like about you. I mean thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. You and X mean a lot to me and I just hope and pray that your family is blessed 100,000 fold for all of your goodness.

As much as our neighbors need food to meet their physical needs, they need to feel that someone is listening. By listening, we are sometimes able to point them to additional resources, but compassion and connection is the primary goal. Connection is the start of love…which leads to help…which leads to hope.

Of course, we owe a huge note of thanks to you, our fellow parishioners, for your prayers, your generosity through the Parish Poor envelopes, and continuous contributions of food to the pantry. Your support strengthens our outreach ten-fold.

The person-to-person service of our SVdP Conference is critical to expanding our reach and serving our neighbors in need. All are invited to join us in this ministry. Our next training session (only 90 minutes in length) is scheduled for Monday, October 30 at 7:00 p.m. The commitment is small but the rewards are big. Contact for more information

Thank you for your continued prayers as we move forward serving neighbors in our community.

Heather & Mike Coyne, Co-Presidents

CTK St. Vincent de Paul Society

Many thanks to all of the parishioners who have worked so hard to make this ministry so fruitful in such a short time.  For more information, email

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