Fr.l Steve’s Column 12-18-2022

Even though Advent is almost over and Christmas is just around the corner, it’s not too late to make this season special!  In case you still need some ideas of how to make this Advent season meaningful – especially when the rest of the world has been singing Christmas carols since early November! – I’ve asked our staff to share some of their Advent traditions.  Perhaps some of these will help you in your own observance of this season of waiting in joyful hope.


Kelly Imus (2nd Grade Teacher):  During Advent at our house, we light the Advent wreath nightly and read the day’s pages from a book called Jotham’s Journey – A Storybook for Advent.


Jessica Roberts (Director of Music & Liturgy):  Every Advent evening (or as many as we possibly can!) we light a candle in our advent wreath, read a brief Advent reflection, and sing O Come, O Come, Emmanuel / Veni, Veni Emmanuel. The kids absolutely love it!


Lee Jolly (4th Grade Teacher):  In our home, we turn off distractions and we light a candle in the evening after the hustle and bustle of the day is done to reflect on our day both in prayer and conversation with one another. This quiet, peaceful time is rejuvenating.


Martha Raymond (School Nurse):  With each meal we light a candle and sing the first verse of O Come, O Come, Emmanuel. The children love it. It pretty much brings tears to my eyes each night. We did this with my parents as children and still do when we all get together. We try to do a family rosary once a week together as well.


Jennifer Snyder (Bookkeeper):  During Advent every night for dinner we light a candle on our Advent wreath and read a prayer.


Stacie Garcilazo (Instructional Aide, 4th Grade):  I like to try to connect with family or friends that I have not spoken with in a long time and treat them to a dinner or lunch, light candles every week in church for our deceased loved ones, set up our nativity set, and attend Christmas Eve Mass.


Tami Goy (Middle School Religion Teacher):  When our kids were still at home we would draw names each Sunday evening at the dinner table. We would then do something nice for that person in the coming week without telling them. These little gifts of selfless acts were offered to Jesus to celebrate his birthday.



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