Fr. Steve’s Column 6-9-24

Now that our school is on Summer Break, our faculty and students get a well-deserved break from a busy school year.  The school is obviously the largest ministry of our parish, and I’m proud of so many things that our teachers and students have accomplished throughout the year.  There’s one in particular that I’d like to share with you all in this column: the 8th Grade Service Immersion.

For the last several years (minus the pandemic years, of course), our 8th graders have had a unique experience as a capstone to their CTK education.  We spend the year introducing them to Catholic Social Teaching from a variety of perspectives, and then conclude the year with a three-day Service Immersion experience in Indianapolis.  The kids work really hard, and here’s a summary of what they accomplished this year:

· On the first day, the entire class went to Gleaners Food Bank.  They helped to process 2299 lbs of food, plus an additional 540 bags of cereal, while assisting in the delivery of food to 2045 households that came to the Food Pantry that day.  All told, their work provided a staggering total of 73,940 meals!  (The group that returned on Wednesday added another 950 meals to that total.)

· Our group who went to a shelter for homeless vets planted almost 500 flowers while helping landscape their property before enjoying lunch with the veterans.

· Other groups visited various shelters associated with Wheeler Mission Ministries, and here’s how they summed up our service contribution at their Men’s Shelter, Women’s Shelter and Thrift Store:  “Christ the King served a total of 297 volunteer hours over the 2 days that you served last week. That has a financial impact of $9,946.53! Amazing! Not to mention the practical impact you all made. You completed jobs that would have taken our staff much longer to do, you brightened the day of our guests when you served them lunch, you gave our kitchen staff a little relief, and encouraged our guests as you walked through the building.”

Even more importantly, the students had the opportunity to come face to face with the people they served, putting a much-needed face to the issues we’d discussed in the classroom; and then Rianna Doyle, our Director of Evangelization & Youth Ministry, led them in theological reflections on their experience so that they could make explicit connections to their faith.  The hope is that these students grow into adults with a heart for service, committed to loving the God they cannot see by loving and serving the neighbors they can see, especially those in need.  

This trip was only possible because of the 9 parents who took three days out of their schedule to chaperone, as well as our staff chaperones, our Principal Mrs. Jeffress and Rianna, who planned and led the trip with me).  

Please continue to pray vigorously for our school.  It requires a huge investment of time, effort and resources, but it’s well worth it if we want to (as our Mission Statement says) develop “spiritual and scholarly Christians who know, understand and live their faith.” 

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