Fr. Steve’s column 10-16-22

This is Kickoff Weekend for our new St. Vincent de Paul Conference here at Christ the King!  I am so excited that we are undertaking this tremendous new ministry, which has the potential to do so much good for our community.  In accompanying our parishioners who have laid the groundwork for this ministry, I have become aware of so much need right here in our own parish boundaries (the 46637 ZIP code).  This team of parishioners has already started making home visits (including food delivery) to some of our neighbors over these past few weeks as they’ve been getting us ready to launch the Conference, and I’m incredibly grateful that we’ll now be able to help many more of our neighbors as we launch this ministry parish-wide.


This is a big undertaking for our parish, so I encourage each of you to get involved.  Here are some ways you can help:


  • Talk to a parishioner at the St. Vincent de Paul table after Mass. They can give you all sorts of information about their own experience so far and suggest ways that you can get involved.
  • Consider coming to our first meeting, tomorrow (Monday October 17th) at 7pm in the Fr. Tripi Room. This will be a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this ministry and to help get our Conference started.
  • Consider getting trained for home visits with food deliveries. The parishioners in the back of the church after Mass can tell you how to do this.  Since home visitors always serve in groups of 2, this is a perfect way for couples to serve together, or friends, or even parents with their high school children.  (Think Service Hours!)
  • Keep the Food Pantry donations coming. My guess is that we’ll see a lot more activity in our Food Pantry once St. Vincent de Paul gets rolling at CTK, so we’ll continue to depend on your food donations.  We will also be looking for shopping volunteers to keep our perishable items in good supply.
  • Pray for the fruitfulness of this ministry, and for our neighbors who will benefit from the assistance and dignity they receive from our volunteers.


I really think this will go down as a significant moment in the life of Christ the King, and I’m honored to be a part of it.  Many thanks to our parishioners who have worked so hard for the last several months to get us to this point, and thanks to all of you who will help this ministry become an integral part of our parish life for years to come.  What a beautiful way for us to unite as a parish family by practicing the corporal works of mercy and seeing the face of Christ in the least of our brothers and sisters.


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