Fr. Steve’s Column 6-18-23

I know I haven’t updated you on the vestibule expansion project in the last several weeks.  Lots has been going on over the last month, but we needed to get some details worked out before I could give you a reliable update.  (This is primarily because our general contractor bids came back much higher than we expected.  We needed to secure some additional foundation gifts, as well as make some design alterations, before we could sign with a general contractor.  Fortunately, most of the design changes that we made won’t alter any of the functionality or square footage that we shared with you in our fundraising presentations, aside from losing the accessibility ramp to the rectory.)  So here’s the latest!

Project Update:  We have selected Majority Builders as our general contractor.  We’re very happy to be working with them again, as they were the contractor on our 2020 school expansion. 

June/July 2023 – What to Expect:  The first phase of the project will be to redo the entrance onto 933 so that it will be completely done before school begins in August.  We expect this phase to kick into gear somewhere around the July 4th holiday.  This will impact the north parking lot as follows:

  • Part of the parking lot will be closed.
  • The entrance to 933 will be closed during much of this time!  Traffic will need to enter and exit the campus by one of the Darden Road exits.  I will alert the parish exactly when this closure will take place.
  • The drive along the front entrance to the church will be constricted during this time.  Again, I’ll give more details when we know exactly what this will look like.

August 2023 – What to Expect:  When the entrance onto 933 had been redone and reopened, our attention will turn to the front of the church.  This is when we will no longer be able to use the front entrance to the church or the drive in front of the church.  I will publish a more detailed timeline over the summer as the plan takes shape.  Temporary handicap spaces will be moved to near Door #16 (the door closest to the elevator on the south side of the church.)

Fundraising Update:  We are very close to our $500,000 goal!  Our current total that we’ve already collected is over $418,000, with several new gifts coming in.  If we make our goal, we should have enough money in the bank to cover the entire quote from Majority Builders.

If You Haven’t Yet Donated to the Vestibule Expansion:  Some people have asked if it’s too late to donate.  The answer is, you may absolutely still donate!  We will gratefully accept any donation you’re able to make for this ambitious project.  Please contact our Business Manager, Jennifer Snyder ( for more details on how to contribute.

Thanks for your patience with the lack of updates over the last month.  I’m very grateful that we’ve been able to overcome these challenges and move forward with this exciting project!

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