Fr. Steve's Column 6-4

Summer is almost upon us, so there are many things going on here at CTK:

Our last day of school was this Friday the 2nd, so congratulations to all of our students and teachers for another successful year!  Congratulations also to our graduates as they move on to high school.  I’m always exceptionally grateful for our school, which plays such a huge part in forming our kids in the faith.  This mission wouldn’t be possible without the teachers and parents who make sacrifices every day to provide a Catholic education to our kids.  God bless you all, and I hope you get a well-deserved rest this summer!

Speaking of the last day of school, I want to take one more opportunity to acknowledge and thank Mrs. Baldinelli, Mr. Hoffman, and Mrs. Rymsza, all of whom are retiring from their positions in the school after long tenures of service.  We thank them for the tremendous impact they’ve had on their kids and wish them many blessings in the next chapters of their lives.

For those of you who are wondering about the upcoming transitions in our clergy, please note the following dates:  our seminarian Tyler’s last weekend will be June 17-18; Fr. Geoff’s last weekend will be July 1-2; and our new associate pastor, Fr. Cameron, will begin his service the weekend of July 15-16.

We’d originally expected to break ground on construction in mid-June, but now I’m expecting that it will be later than that.  After receiving the bids from potential general contractors, there are a lot of things to talk through before we finalize the contractor.  I’ll inform the parish when we have a better idea of the timeline, and I appreciate your patience during this extremely volatile time in the construction industry!

You’ll also notice that there’s another (far less glamorous) construction project going on this summer, as well.  The original 1955 school building, which currently houses our primary and middle school classes, will be shut down for the summer while we completely redo the electrical in that section of our campus.  So, if you see a lot of activity around that part of the campus, now you know why!

Many blessings to all of you as summer approaches.