Fr. Steve’s Column 7-9-23

What you see above is our new domain name, which we’ll use from now on for things like our website (, email addresses, and social media!  Ever since I arrived here the first time in 2007, I’ve hoped that one day I’d be able to change it, as “” is really long, easy to mistype, and confusing when you try and give the address out on the phone!  So now you can just type in “” wherever you used to type “” (or “”).  Hopefully, this will be a little more convenient for everyone.

Please note that all existing URLs and email addresses will automatically forward to the new addresses, so you don’t have to worry that we’ll miss your emails or anything like that.

Short column this week – see how much space the new domain name saves???  Many thanks to Mrs. Dana Dyczko, our Administrative Director of Technology in the school, for her work in making this change happen.