Fr. Steve’s Column 9-17-23

We’ve got a lot of great ministries going on at the parish, and one that I’d like to highlight this week is That Man Is You!, our men’s groupSince they’re starting up a new unit of it this month, we’re inviting all the men of our parish to consider being a part of it.  Here’s a note from parishioner Kevin Kaufhold with more information about this group:

Hello men of Christ the King Parish!  I’d like to thank Father Steve for giving me the opportunity to write to you about our men’s program called That Man is You! 

I first heard about this program from my brother-in-law, who joined it at his parish outside Washington DC. I admit, my previous perception of a men’s group had been one where guys had “protected time” to chat with buddies about local sports teams and not really connect much at all. But as he recounted his experience, his enthusiasm for the TMIY program was exciting, and it changed my perception! He described how the program encouraged men of the parish to grow together and deepen their spiritual lives and their Catholic Faith. 

Now at Christ the King, I can say those fruits are present in our community after 3 years of TMIY. We’ve seen authentic friendships develop between men who only knew each other from the sidelines of our childrens’ sporting events. Yes,there’s still sports talk, but there’s more than that. As one of our men put it, “Through TMIY, I’ve been blessed to meet others from CTK who also want to be better men, husbands, and fathers. We encourage and challenge each other to become our best selves.” 

The program tackles real issues facing real men, issues that we shouldn’t stand for as leaders. We are called to true leadership roles and to courageously defend authentic manhood in the face of the temptations and struggles in today’s culture. 

The program details are in the advertisement in this bulletin. I know it’s early, but I challenge you to find something more worthwhile to start your weekend right!  Plus, we’re finished by 8:30, so we can be back to our families. 

Really, the best way to judge a program is by its success. Priests across the US have said that it has transformed men in their parishes and has even saved marriages. It’s that powerful. The That Man is You! program has quickly spread to hundreds of parishes throughout the United States and even internationally. Please see the ad in this bulletin for information on how to register. We hope to see you Saturday morning for our kick-off! 

We can’t just hope that society will change itself. We need men to be authentic leaders for their families and society. That Man is YOU! 

If you’d like to get in touch with Kevin or some of the other leaders of this ministry, email me and I’ll put you in touch.

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